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£120 for a full year of airsoft, and the chance to be involved in the future of Close Action at Grafton .


Walkon fee is £20.

No need to book walkons. Let us know via Facebook. Or just turn up on the day at 0900

This means you turn up with your own gear.

Gun hire is £45.

For this you get : Walkon, Gun, Face mask and Camo jacket and 3000 rounds of ammo.

The total price is £45. Please bring cash on the day.

To book hire guns:

Email to check availability.

We will be limiting hire guns to no more than 5 per game.

If you book a hire package please make sure you turn up on the day. If you don't, you will have deprived someone else who might have wanted one , and you will never get the chance to play at our site again.

It will be assumed that your booking is for the next game date. If you wish to book further in advance, please email



For hiregun availablity or general enquiries email: