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Close Action Site rules

1. FPS limits at Close Action are 370fps for AEGs, 500fps for bolt-action rifles, and 400fps for semi-only electric rifles (PSG1 etc.) There is a minimum engagement distance of 30m when using any rifle over 350fps. If you are not sure what 30m looks like, ask a marshall.
2. Eye protection should be worn at all times in the playing area and should only be removed when outside the playing area, in the Safe Zone or advised by a marshal.
3. It is advised that face protection be worn but this is at your own discretion.
4. All under 18s MUST wear a full face mask.
5. Do not climb up or on trees.
6. If you encounter a member of the public then cease all activities until they have moved out of the area and advise a marshal of their location.
7. Magazines should be removed and gun chambers cleared before entering the safe zone or leaving the playing area .
8. Stay within the boundaries of Close-Action at all times, no play is permitted outside the boundary .
9. Be aware that there are fallen trees and branches on the ground and care should be taken around them.
10. Be aware of branches that are at head height, particularly thorn bushes. This is another reason that eye protection should be worn.
11. Take care when entering bunkers or structures, only use the available entrance. When attacking bunkers, switch to single-shot or use a backup pistol when inside a 20m range.
12. PYROS. We do not permit the use of thunderflashes of any kind at CA. That includes MK V, MK9 and thermabarrack variants. Only approved TLSFX BB grenades and smokes can be used. Enola Gaye products are not allowed. Blank firing and gas grenades are not allowed. If in doubt, check with us before play, as the use of non-approved pyros could jeopardise our insurance and will certainly result in your expulsion from the site and a lifetime ban.
13. Blind firing is not permitted.
14. GRENADES. Grenades have an effective kill-radius of 3m, regardless of whether any of the fragments hit the player. When a grenade goes off in a bunker, everyone in the bunker is dead.
15. HITS.When hit, shout hit, raise your arm/gun and go to the designated dead zone, note these are not safe zones and your face masks should not be removed in these areas. If in doubt, take the hit.
16. CHEATING.If anyone is caught, or reported for cheating, they will receive a warning. If they are caught or reported again they will miss the remainder of the game. Cheat calling will not be tolerated. Anyone found to be shouting "take your hits" or similar, will be given one warning. After this they will be asked to leave the site.
17. OVERKILL – avoid overkill at all times.
18. BEHAVIOUR. We do not tolerate violent or overly aggressive behaviour. We reserve the right to ask the offending player/s to leave the site.
19. Marshalls are present to ensure that games are played fairly, so please abide by any of their decisions. Anyone behaving aggressively or abusively towards marshals may be asked to leave the site. Any disagreement with a marshall’s decision should be referred to Chris or Tony, the site organisers.
20. All players must sign a disclaimer before they play for the first time.
21. All players must be 16 or older unless accompanied by a playing adult.
22. Smoking is permitted in the safe zone and dead zones, but please do not drop your cigarette ends. Take them away with you.
23. All accidents, however minor must be reported to a member of staff so that it can be recorded in the accident book.